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Psychology Internship

Internships are hands-on opportunities for educational campuses to assist with furthering data collection, behavioral analysis, experimentation, practical experience in various areas of study, and an avenue to gain experience in a work environment to determine/explore specialty areas of study. The internship sponsored by the Psychology Department requires a completed application at least three months before the semester begins for which an intern applies.

JJ Let's Move

We are connecting K-12 schools with chefs and gardeners to promote nutrition from within the classrooms and schools' cafeterias. Since juvenile justice (jj) is our focus, we are connecting as many juvenile facilities to the Michelle Obama "Let's Move" campaign. If you are interested in joining our team as school, parent liaison, chef or gardener, then let us know using the contact page. For more information about the Let's Move campaign visit

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Opening a Out-of-Home Care Boarding School for youth in custody of the Department of Juvenile Justice is our 2015 goal.  Youth could serve their time at the school or it could be a placement option once they are released from being incarcerated at a juvenile facility.  Other contractual phasing will begin 2015, including a private child placing agency for juveniles and transitional residential school for runaway and homeless teens.To inquire more about our Residential Program Development see Programs’ Mission.


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