"'Love & Support Helps to Ease the "Post-effects"...,' Owner"

a nonprofit that benefits juvenile prevention programs, in addition to those who are incarcerated

City Lights Fund

A crowd-funding and networking opportunity for individuals, entrepreneurs, and tax exempt organizations.   Memberships are $120 for initial enrollment and $100 annually (or $25 quarterly).

To benefit Conscience City’s grants and scholarships.

City Arts Campaign

The City Arts Campaign is an opportunity to engage the Arts and heighten the awareness about juveniles in the justice system.  A $3.99 monthly subscription benefits the City Lights Art Program.

City Blossom Treats

Blossom Treats are a line of snacks created by the owner of Conscience City.  It was created to generated funding for the operations of the nonprofit.  The snacks have fruit and protein as a base.  Blossom Treats are an alternative to “junk foods” that will not compromise a sweet tooth.